The Home Furnishing Industry In Canada

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Published: 14th December 2012
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Typically speaking, Canada’s furnishings sector commenced with the arrival very first residents in Canada and America. This isn't to say that factories were designed and constructed right away, and assembly lines were functional. Certainly, it needed a whole lot of sweat and manual labor to find out the principles of the Canadian house furniture industry. A number of the first pieces of furniture were basic, made by hand, utilitarian products. In the early stages, when people were still settling, wood workers were only making house furniture for their own homes. Figuratively speaking, years ago most people were obviously woodworkers.

The earliest house furniture production facilities were founded in Ontario. The very first one was in Kitchener, Ontario and it was constructed in 1830. The second one was in Toronto and it was constructed a bit later in 1834. Near the end of 19th century the industry developed rather quickly. Quebec started to play catch up with Ontario in the 1900s, yet, it wasn’t 'till the end of World War 2 that the French speaking region flourished. During this period of time the province’s industry really boomed.

From a number’s perspective, Canada is #5 around the world for exporting house furniture. Our premium quality workmanship is certainly appreciated internationally, even though 95% of exports find themselves in the US of A. Canada is generally renowned for its office and institutional furniture which makes up almost 40% of all home furnishings manufactured. Our number two exported products are our bed mattresses. Almost 40% of all furniture exports is made up of mattresses. Clearly Canadians bank their good looks on the appropriate amount of sleep that they get.

Here is how it works. Manufacturers convert raw materials into quality finished products. They then market those products to distributors. It is not all too often that a manufacturer would sell directly to the shopper. As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard of such a furniture company in Canada. The distributors then behave as sales representatives or agents who trade the furnishing products to the retailers. Sales reps typically work for a variety of manufacturers, in order to earn much better commissions. There are actually 3 associations that represent Canada’s furniture industry: The Quebec’s Furniture Manufacturers’ Association, Furniture West, and The Ontario Furniture Manufacturers’ Association. The entire furniture industry is largely unionized.

The Modern Canadian Furniture Industry
Presently, 97% of the industry is Canadian owned. This is great from economy’s perspective. Many of the businesses are small to medium-sized family operations. Employing around 100,000 workers, the furniture industry is absolutely a necessary contributor to Canada’s economy. The sole downfall in employment was seen throughout the 1970. The automation (assembly lines etc…) affected the industry and it took some time to recuperate, leaving some production at the craftsman stage.

You will find around 8,650 manufacturing facilities through the country. AKTRIN Furniture Information Center reports that yearly gross sales extend past $10.9 billion. Approximately 48% of that can easily be attributed to Quebec alone, who may have now become the biggest manufacturing center for furniture in Canada. Online furniture Canada is also growing fast and is accountable for maintaining the industry in existence.

Because the industry is seriously affected by federal and provincial pollution policies, federal and provincial aid has been extended. The money are actually put to use in developing energy savings programs, sector advancement and Eco friendly products all around.

It is actually very difficult for the Canadian furnishings industry to remain competitive with other countries, particularly with our good next door neighbors locate south of us. Manual work costs here are higher compared with other locations around the world. This, however, hasn't halted our furnishing manufacturers from producing much of the finest quality furnishings across the globe today.

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